Little Mountain Kitchen Creations

The finest tools for the the finest kitchens!

Our Team

Who We Are:


Company Mission

As a company, Little Mountain Kitchen Creations promises to embrace the values of efficiency and dedication. We intend to bring the qualities of enthusiasm and poise into our business in order to have a positive impact in our community. We will create a historically rich product that will fill a need in our community.

Company Vision

The vision of Little Mountain Cooking Creations is to train prospective business and community leaders, teach students new tasks and skills, and increase the financial literacy of our members.

Supply Chain


Patton Camer

Patrick Pirszel

Toby Hagen*

Mateusz Otreba 

Matthew Bafia 

Ian Stropus

Anthony Vasvery

(*) Team Leader

Executive Board

Max Celic

Matt Krueger

Joseph Tomecki*

Natalie Palarz

Toby Hagen

(*) CEO and President

Customer Service and Sales

Max Celis*

Van Gaetto 

Logan Kearns 

Chris Vasvery 

Alex Styrczula 

(*) Team Leader


Dave Lehenbauer

Juliana Tomecki

Jacob Clarage

Ella Pelen

Natalie Palarz*

Claudia Palarz

Jayne Pelen

Julia Phelan

Tenleigh Vedok

(*) Team Leader

Junior Achievement

To learn more about Junior Achievement please feel free to explore their website

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 Andrew Deuschle 

 Sean Abbott 

 Connor Douglass 

 Matt Krueger*

 Chris Duda 

Thomas Ibrahim

 Linas Juskelis 

 Briley Rakow 

(*) Team Leader